Öğretim Üyesi, Dr Elsadig Elfaqih


Dr. Elsadig Elfaqih is a former Ambassador of Sudan to Ethiopia as well as to Jordan and the State of Palestine, former permanent representative to the African Union, and former Chairman of the Board of UNECA. Dr. Elfaqih was also the former Secretary-General of the Arab Thought Forum in Amman, Jordan. He assumed many leadership positions in political, diplomatic, media, academic, research, and advisory tasks, in many places including Khartoum, Washington, London, Istanbul, Doha, Amman, Jordan and Addis Ababa. He was also a long-time media adviser at the office of President, the Council of Ministers, and Sudanese embassies in Washington and London. He worked at the Center for Research in History, Culture and Islamic Arts in Istanbul, Turkey, and as a political expert at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Doha, Qatar. He lectured and taught at several universities and higher academic institutions and conducted training and capacity building on media to professionals in Sudan, Yemen, and Britain, among others. Dr. Elfaqih is a writer, commentator, and political analyst. He published many research studies and articles in refereed journals, and wrote hundreds of articles in the Sudanese, Arab and foreign journals and newspapers. He specializes in political communication, international relations, and diplomacy. He studied philosophy, history, anthropology, sociology, media, political science, and the economy of development at universities in the Sudan, Egypt, Europe and USA. He holds a PhD in Political Communication and Diplomacy, a Master of American Media Philosophy, and several specialized diplomas in different disciplines.