A Win-Win Game for the Muhajiroon (emigrants) and Ansar (helpers)

 The prolonged state of the Syrian war since the beginning of 2011 led to the huge outflow of Syrians to its neighboring countries. In the case of Turkey, the number of the Syrian refugees is believed to be more than two million. Most of the studies or reports show the negative impacts the Syrians have initiated in Turkey, such as the economic and social burdens caused by the migrants to the local society; however, these studies or reports did not differentiate among the classes of Syrian migrants, and neglect the Syrian cheap labor forces and the millions of Syrian peoples living expenditures in Turkey, which to some extent, has perked up the local economy. This paper expects to focus on the economic importance of the Syrian business migrants in Turkey. For instance, thousands of new companies, factories, and workshops have been established by the Syrian business people in Turkey and billions of US Dollars have been brought from Syria to Turkey since the 2011 war (Amos 2013, Mousa Al Omar 2013). The positive economic benefits which can be produced by the Syrian businessmen to the local society is worth noting, since there is a high possibility for creating an economic win-win game for both the Turkish government and Syrian migrants, if the Turkish government and Syrian businessmen cooperate with each other.